Tiny Home Lives

Luxury Tiny Homes

Our Favorite Luxury Tiny Homes that Showcases Creativity

Dreaming of a home that is highly space-efficient and still has everything you want? It is possible! Luxury tiny homes are emerging and gaining...
aerial view of houses

From Luxury To Sustainability: Our Favorite Tiny House Communities

As the tiny house trend continues to grow, tiny house communities have emerged across the country. Here are some of our absolute favorites.
3 bedroom tiny house designs

3 Bedroom Tiny House Designs that Will Win Your Heart

When is a tiny house no longer tiny? That’s really the question we ended up trying to answer as we set out to compile...
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Tiny Home Kits: What You Need to Know Before You Buy

Tiny home kits are designed to help the novice builders to build a house of their own. Tiny home kits have several pros and cons.
How to Find A Cheap Tiny House for Sale

How to Find Cheap Tiny Houses for Sale

While the movement continues to grow, finding cheap tiny houses for sale becomes easier and easier. Your life of minimalism, lower taxes, and mortgage...