I am Ellen and when I got interested in tiny homes I noticed that there wasn’t much real information about them. There are a lot of pages and television programs that show off the finished product, but no place to find out how to build one from nothing. My goal in launching this site was to make it a starting point. I also want to present the finished product and to help people that might not want to buy, but were interested in renting.

In order to make all that happen, I started researching. I hired a small team of dedicated researchers and writers to help me. Together, we are compiling a wealth of information all in one online location. From A to Z, we want to be the site you visit for all the information you need on tiny homes. We want to bring something to the table for everyone.

Whether you are just beginning to look at tiny homes, or you are a seasoned tiny homeowner living off-the-grid in the Florida Everglades.

Every generation has an interest in tiny home living. Young people just starting out are opting away from that first mortgage. Older couples with empty nests are discovering the allure of not having three extra bedrooms, two extra bathrooms, and a huge lawn to maintain. Families are shying away from collecting gobs of material possessions and are opting for the simpler life of having just what they need and no more.

Whether you are in the market for a small home on wheels to add mobility or a permanent location with less square footage, we have something for you. Renting, buying, or building – you will find information at Tiny Home Lives to answer the tough questions. We will give you tips, suggestions, and stir ideas in the cauldron of your imagination. Whatever you are looking for in a tiny home, we can probably help you find it.

We’ve all seen the recent uptick of TV reality shows about house shopping, remodeling, and building from the ground up. From blueprints to a finished home, we will be exploring all aspects of tiny homes and what life can be like living in a tiny home. We have explored two- and three-bedroom family homes and tiny homes built on trailer frames. Homes with a loft bedroom designed for a single person or frugal couple or a home with more outside deck space than inside floor space. We will be looking at every aspect of this growing market.

We will take a look at where to buy, where to build, what materials to use, prefabricated kit-homes, modular homes, and everything in between. If it involves tiny homes, you can find it here, including design innovations and decorating ideas for your tiny home. We will be exploring existing tiny home communities and how people have integrated having less into their lives.

We’d love to hear from you, whether that’s in a comment on one of our posts or a private message.