How to Find Cheap Tiny Houses for Sale

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While the movement continues to grow, finding cheap tiny houses for sale becomes easier and easier. Your life of minimalism, lower taxes, and mortgage freedom has moved closer to reality.
While state regulations can be daunting, most regions are recognizing the desire for more of these homes and adjusting their zoning codes accordingly. Because of the growing education on the movement, landowners are willing to lease a portion of their lot to park your new home.
Remember, the key to finding cheap tiny houses for sale in any location is a little patience. You’ll be looking through real estate websites, county zoning codes, building plans, and even Craigslist to find the perfect home.

Looking for Cheap Tiny Houses for Sale

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Now that you’ve made the exciting decision to buy a tiny house, it’s time to dive into the research before making the final purchase. Each state is different, so double check your state regulations to protect your new home from becoming illegal.

Requirements for a tiny house

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If you’re looking into the tiny house movement, you know that most of these homes are under 400 sq. ft. Most prefab builders require the buyer to install the foundation and purchase any roofing materials or buy a trailer for the new home.
For the home to be considered a permanent dwelling, most states have requirements for ceiling heights, plumbing, and emergency exits. You can bypass zoning complications by finding an existing tiny home on a neighbor’s land or moving into a “tiny village.” However, many tiny-homeowners don’t plan on moving anytime soon.
If you plan on buying a tiny house on wheels, you may need to receive RV certification or insurance before driving it on the road.
So what can you do if you don’t want to go far for that mortgage-free life?

Consider this before choosing a location

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If you’re thinking of building a tiny house on a foundation, many states also do not allow a tiny house on a residential lot by itself. You can add a tiny home to single-family dwellings as an “Accessory Dwelling Unit,” because many zoning codes detail a minimum of 1400 sq. ft.
With a Tiny Home on wheels, you can start looking for local farms with land available to rent for your tiny home. One tiny homeowner suggested posting your land hunt on Nextdoor to look for options in your immediate area. Typically, farmers have land available and need the rental income, but you’ll probably need to educate them on the tiny house lifestyle.
People often have negative impressions around moveable homes, but with a little education, they should open up for the idea.
Some tiny house on wheels owners believes they can avoid penalties by claiming they are camping, but parking your moveable home on local vacant land also greatly depends on local state regulations. Of course, if you find yourself in violation, you can just move to a new location.
Remember, unless you plan to go off-grid with your new home, you’ll need a location that has electric and water.

Buying vs. Building

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With the increased popularity of the movement, finding cheap tiny houses for sale has become easier and easier. Whether they have wheels to park on any lot or homes built for a foundation, these ready-made homes will match your new sustainable lifestyle.
Building a home offers customization options, but takes a lot of time, ultimately slowing your move to a minimalist home.

Why buy?

Buying a premade tiny home from a certified builder is critical if you plan to keep it on wheels. Movable houses are considered recreational vehicles requiring certification and inspection before they can get on the road. While you may never intend to move it, you wouldn’t be able to build one of these on your own.
Another way to find cheap tiny houses for sale is to look for shells of tiny home that only require the interior to be finished. You’ll only need to deal with customization on the inside, while a professional builder handles the structural details.

Maybe rent instead?

If you’re still researching the perfect tiny house to buy, you can rent a tiny house in a community to help narrow down your choices. Since states often require tiny homes to be accessories to larger single-family homes, you might be able to find one to rent in a neighbor’s backyard!
Want to test out the lifestyle before buying? Try It Tiny helps you find the perfect rental. This site also includes land available to park your tiny house.

Finding Cheap Tiny Houses for Sale

You’ve educated yourself on state regulations for your tiny home, and now you’re ready to buy. Where are all the cheap tiny houses for sale? You’ll be surprised to find that some modern tiny houses for sale cost almost as much as a larger home. Make sure you research costs and builders thoroughly.

1.Online listings

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You can find cheap tiny houses for sale on Craigslist if you look close enough. You’ll need to mix up the search terms, even throwing in terms like van life or trailer homes.
Several tiny-house specific listing services exist, such as the industry-leader Tiny House Listings and the Tiny House Marketplace, where you can browse by location and price without the struggle of testing the best search terms.
Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are also great places to look for available land for your tiny home and make connections in your area.

2. Don’t ignore Amazon

[amazon box=”B00O76AL5W”] might be the first place you look for books and gadgets, but they also have cheap tiny houses for sale! With a variety of cabins kits available, most under $30,000, you can ask the company for a quote on building and adding customization to the house.
Most models include a framed-out room for a bathroom, and you’ll just need to purchase the toilet, sink, and cabinet. The plans also give you more options for window placement by only cutting the hole for the required window. They provide more windows for you to install with your contractor.
Barn sheds also provide a great frame, size, and exterior to consider. Through Amazon, you’ll buy the DIY kit but work with a builder to complete the plan. Since these kits are, basically, sheds, your contractor will need to frame out a bathroom.
These Amazon options are not entirely ready-made. However, the simple plan will save you money when hiring a contractor. Most shells go up in less than two days.

3.Tiny home designers

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Going through a tiny-home specific builder lowers the cost of some homes slightly. These builders will be making the home from a plan instead of customizing each detail. Several builders also have certification to build RVs, making your tiny home purchase process easier.
One of the cheapest options is through Arched Cabins, which sells prefab metal cabins in a variety of sizes. You can order these as semi-DIY or request a quote to have it assembled for you upon delivery.
Another favorite builder in the tiny home community is Jamaica Cottage Shops, who provide the shell of the home while you complete the interior. Cabin Fever also provides complete building packages which will be assembled on site.
With most trendy, modern designers, such as Tumbleweed or Wind River Tiny Homes, the cost goes up as customization increases. However, you can’t dismiss the high-quality materials, craftsmanship, and efficiency incorporated in the cost.

4. Try a yurt


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Don’t overlook yurts in your hunt for cheap tiny houses for sale! These round, dome-shaped tents look beautiful dotting the midwestern countryside and easily stay warm during the winter. They also come in a variety of size options, so some aren’t truly tiny homes.
Yurts can be cheaper than tiny homes, depending on the options you choose and seem most popular with homesteaders. Certain builders engineer their yurts to withstand snow and wind. This makes it possible to live in a tent through the winter.
As with other alternative-style residences, county regulations make it difficult to live in the yurt permanently. Because of the round shape and unusual materials, you’ll want to consult with a contractor before building. The tent will need a bathroom and other necessities if you plan to make it your permanent dwelling.

5.RVs and campers

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While many tiny home residents believe that RVs are not the same thing as tiny houses, RVs can be a great option if you’re looking for cheap tiny houses for sale. Remember, RVs are not as well insulated as tiny movable houses and may not meet as many energy-saving goals.
RVs and campers will be easier to search for than a tiny home. Built for the road, you can easily achieve any travel goals you might have.
Buying a tiny house on wheels or an RV means you will have fewer zoning regulations to deal with. If you’re in violation, you can easily move the house. A certified RV will also have completed inspections before selling: one thing off your list.
Another benefit of buying an RV for your tiny house is the ability to take out a vehicle loan. You will also be able to stay in RV parks, which rarely allow actual tiny homes.

Start Small

With the growth of the tiny house movement, cheaper tiny houses for sale are becoming available. Most experts say the cheapest option would be building your home, but you can still find some cheap tiny houses for sale without all the customization options.
When planning how to lay out the land for your new home, add in other sustainable options. A garden and solar panels will help make your tiny house feel more like a home.
While regulations can seem like a big hurdle to the process, buying a pre-built stationary house or tiny house on wheels will help it along.

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