Our Favorite Tiny House Plans with a Loft

Our Favorite Tiny House Plans with a Loft

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How would you feel knowingly living in a house that’s doing its part to save the world from the climate crisis? It’s the very crisis that could put our beloved planet in a premature grave. But small houses enable you to use less energy and save money while still living very comfortably. Tiny house plans with a loft is a precious list for anyone looking to own a home.
When I think of home, I picture myself sitting not far from a fireplace on a sofa chair, watching a movie and sipping on apple cider. Maybe you see differently, but ultimately, we want homes that feel like us. We want them to be something we’ll look forward to returning to after long days of work. People can get homes at lower prices, and they can live a “simple life” with more freedom and no mortgage. Imagine living in a house that doesn’t look cheap; that you can also take with you wherever you go.

What are Tiny Houses with Lofts?

The average American house stretches approximately 2600 square feet. According to the census bureau, that number has increased by over 1000 feet since the early 70s). A tiny house is one simply stretching from about 100 to 400 square feet. They’re not to be confused with small houses, which can stretch up to 1000 square feet. A tiny house will usually stand at 13 ½ feet tall and 8 ½ feet wide.
Because of their small sizes, code enforcement agencies feel they’re too small to be built on permanent structures that larger houses, condos, and apartments enjoy. Most of the time, tiny houses are made upon trailers, enabling you to move them as if they were recreational vehicles (some sources say they are.)
Some of these petite houses come with the added accessory of a loft. A loft can merely be another name for an attic. It’s a space or room constructed, just beneath the roof. In larger homes, they’re often storage areas or perhaps guest bedrooms. However, you can also make the loft into another living space.

The Tiny House Movement

Tiny house plans with a loft constitute a significant part of the movement because they give off even more living space in a small environment. In the midst of this movement, we have such television shows as Tiny House Hunting and Tiny House World. Even some movies and documentaries feature to them. According to the Washington Post, this boom in interest is likely due to two citizen groups: millennials and baby boomers.
The rising student loan debts in America make graduates less likely to be tomorrow’s homeowners. Baby boomers looking to retire are seeking homes at lower prices so they can afford to do other things such as vacation and spend time with loved ones. They also want homes that don’t demand as much upkeep, as there will be less space to clean with a much smaller house.

Benefits of Finding Tiny House Plans with a Loft

A tiny house cost an average of $23,000 to build. The price to buy a tiny house may range from $39,000 to $99,000, versus the average $272,000 cost of a full-size house. Most of us can’t even think of buying a home without first taking out a mortgage. Due to interest, however, a mortgage will only add to your long-term cost.
For instance, let’s say your house cost $200,000 and you have a 30-year mortgage at 5 percent interest. The total cost of your home will increase to over $140,000 on top of the $200,000 which would still be below the average which is just a little over $480,000. According to the Tiny Life, over half of the tiny house owners own their homes without having to worry about a mortgage.
Since tiny houses use less space, but they also tend to use less energy. People can heat the whole home with just an oven (which is often solar powered). According to a study done at Colby College, a full-size American house eats up approximately 12,773-kilowatt hours of energy yearly.
A tiny house, on the other hand, eats just an average of 914. Average-sized homes release about 28,000 pounds of carbon dioxide in the air while a little house averages at about 2000 pounds. Studies have shown that almost all of our negative environmental impact is due to our energy use.
An added loft gives you the opportunity to have two homes in one. Some dedicate the loft to a guest, storage or working from home. Since tiny homes typically go on trailers, people sometimes use them to travel. Maybe you’ve experienced loving a house but not the location. You can move and keep your tiny home wherever you want.


Privacy may sound like something a tiny house owner will have to renounce if they’re serious about saving money and energy. However, that’s not the case. Privacy can undoubtedly be apart of your tiny house plans with a loft. Some of the people joining the tiny house movement are families. They want to continue living the family life but still enjoy some time to themselves.
Good ways to accommodate privacy include; taking advantage of having a loft, having multiple tiny houses and making sure the rooms are suitable for each person. The loft can be anything you want. More bedrooms, a private library, or perhaps a media room. Of course, it depends on how big of a loft you build.

Extra Room on the Main Floor

When you put together a tiny house plan, you may not think to consider having stairs and multiple floors. Tiny house plans with a loft, however, can easily make it a reality. The more you utilize your loft, the more room you’re giving yourself on the main floor. A loft will “stretch” the tiny house, leaving more room on the first floor for perhaps a living room.
It will give you a house that doesn’t look cluttered and has room to breathe, with light bathing the whole home. With more space, it will be easier for you to implement your favorite color schemes. Think of using pillows, houseplants, curtains, and artwork as you’re arranging your furniture. A tiny house will limit what you can do with it compared to what you could do with a full sized one, but having a loft will provide you with much more options. A small house (even a very small one) isn’t any less of a house.


Storage is a major part of living comfortably in a tiny house. Think of how easy it is to store things in a large area. A closet, baskets, spare rooms, shelves are all sufficient options. However, not all of them are always conducive for a tiny house. Even with a loft, it is likely you’ll still experience feeling cluttered and overwhelmed by your belongings, simply because your house isn’t very big.
Knowing how to store has been shown to make a significant difference, but you don’t want just anything. You want something that’s sturdy enough to withstand reasonably heavy items, giving them the support they need.
Slat walls are specifically for storage, and it doesn’t matter what size house they’re put in. You can latch them onto your walls, or they can stand freely like a stool. You attach your shelf or bin to the slat wall, then put whatever you like on the shelf or bin. They can handle heavy items, and you can expect to have slat walls for a while before you have to replace them.
Depending on your house plan, you may be able to use under home storage which is merely placing belongings beneath the floorboards. This option will leave you with more wall space for decorations and those color schemes and artwork. That may sound like a paradox, but floor storage may leave you with more floor space. With things stored beneath your floor, the surface of your floor has more space for you to expand your living room, dining room, kitchen or bedroom.
Another great way to store in a tiny house is to use the built-in strategy. (You very likely use this strategy in your home already.) There are staircases and chairs made to fit shelves beneath them.

Best Tiny House Plans with a Loft

There are many tiny house plans with a loft, but like when choosing any house plan, you want to make sure you’re getting the very best. When joining the movement, you want to choose or build a tiny house that doesn’t feel like a tiny house. You don’t want it to look and feel like you can’t afford a full-sized dwelling.
Getting the best out of a tiny house, to you may mean to take advantage of what it can do for the environment without sacrificing the luxuries you loved and obtained with your hard earned money. For others, it may mean to save your hard earned cash for other luxuries and even necessities you may want but will have trouble affording with a larger home. Nevertheless, you want and deserve a home that feels like a home.

Tiny House Plan from Tiny House Design

A major factor that may be sparking this movement is how these houses help keep our planet healthy. This house made the list of our favorite tiny house plans with a loft because of its purpose of dealing with the climate crisis. This house plan is explicitly designed to work on solar power, which gives us clean, renewable energy from the sun.
Most of our electricity comes from fossil fuels. When fossil fuels are burned to make our power, they give off harmful gases that contribute heavily to global climate change and air pollution. It also requires a significant amount of water resources and pollutes water, further endangering public health.
Air pollution has been shown to raise our chances of being diagnosed with cancer and other serious health problems. Solar power needs little to no water to work, reducing water deficiency. As long as the sun exists (which it will for billions of years), there will always be solar energy. An hour of the whole sun’s energy can power our entire planet for a year without harming the air and water, and getting rid of those harmful gases. Because we can use less of it, it will also lower our electric bills.
In addition to reducing air and water pollutants, this tiny house plan will build you two floors consisting of a bathroom, bedroom loft, an office area for working from home and kitchen. You’ll also have space for storage. The cost to build this home ranges approximately between $4000 to $8000. This house measures out to 8 x 16 feet long.

The 12 x 24 Homesteader’s Cabin Plan

Amongst these tiny house plans with a loft is the Homesteader’s Cabin. This house plan will give you the first floor vast enough to secure a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and storage closet. The loft is big enough so that it can be more than just a spare bedroom. You could use it as another living space, offering more privacy, storage space and a variety of what to do with the house.
Residents could also choose to do nothing with the large loft and instead, have it act as a higher ceiling for the main floor. That further enhances the effect of a large home and makes storage more flexible. This house measures out to 12 x 24 feet long. It’s not designed specifically for solar power, but you could still use it, as it is an alternative to fossil fuels.

Tiny House Plan from Ana White

This house plan will give you a private bedroom, full kitchen with extra counter space, space for a small dining room table or desk, room for a coffee table and a loft that can be a spare room. With this dwelling, you’ll also have a rather large amount of storage area. Because the roof overhangs, it might go over the designated width; thus you may need to have a permit if you want to move it in your state.

King’s Loft

This house plan stretches at 303-square-feet from the main floor to the loft. It comes with a full-sized kitchen and a propane gas fireplace, giving off a beautiful ambiance while keeping you warm and comfortable. Its loft is a large bedroom with a closet which you can access with a hideaway ladder. Upon making your first entrance, you’ll see that the living room is equipped with tall ceilings with many windows, allowing the passing of natural light.
A flat-screen TV can fit above the fireplace (which is another thing to give you the feel of a larger home). Located off the back of the kitchen, is a bathroom that comes with a flushable toilet, shower stall, and custom vanity sink. This plan is one of the expensive ones on the list, costing about $65,000 to build.

The Triton

Of the tiny house plans with a loft, The Triton is the only one with a space designed specifically for an office. It features a small kitchen, next to the living room enough for a full couch. The coach will lead you to stairs taking you up to the bedroom loft that can house a king-sized bed. The stairs allow to you employ the built-in storage strategy, even giving you enough space for a washer machine.

The Bottom-line for Tiny House Plans with a Loft

It’s a common dream not to have to worry about paying the rent, and a mortgage making your already pricey house even more pricey. You don’t want to have to deal with inconsiderate neighbors. You want to treat yourself more often and to live comfortably. The American dream doesn’t have only to be a dream. Statistics are showing that it’s becoming increasingly out of reach for us working middle-class citizens to own homes of our very own.
This movement, however, is proof that we can overcome the rising pricing and even the climate crisis. There are many tiny house plans for you to choose from. You don’t have to settle for the first thing you see. When you choose a plan, however, ask yourself this: why shouldn’t I take full advantage of what it could offer me? You’ll find the loft to be an excellent accessory that will help you do so.

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