Tiny House Rentals: Considerations and Accommodations

Tiny House Rentals: Considerations and Accommodations

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Tiny house rentals are popping up all over the place offering something for just about everyone, downsized. Their popularity is no surprise. Living comfortably in a tiny house requires consuming less, cleaning up after yourself immediately, and owning fewer possessions. It’s a cheaper, less stressful, and more environmentally friendly way to live.
But while living the tiny house lifestyle may sound appealing, the reality of scaling back might prove to be more of a challenge than you imagine. Why not try it out short-term first? Tiny house rentals are a great way to experience day to day life in a small space, without a long-term commitment. Are you ready to get started?

Which Amenities Do You Require?

Tiny house rentals range in options from rustic cabins to ultra-modern homes. It’s crucial that you consider ahead of time what items are essential, and which are optional for your daily living.
For example, we all need a place to cook, shower, and go to the bathroom. We also expect a comfortable place to sleep and enough storage space for our personal items. Do you consider WiFi a necessity? What about a laundry room? You can have all of these things in your tiny house rental, but you have to pay attention because what you’re looking for may not be available where you’re staying.

How is everything powered and what about plumbing?

Standard hookups are the most reliable way to have power and running water; not to mention, a toilet that flushes. Of course, “standard” isn’t the only alternative when it comes to tiny house rentals. As a matter of fact, it’s more akin to the tiny house mentality to find a way to break away from the typical way of doing things and find a substitute that results in something self-sustainable.
To that end, you’ll find many tiny house rentals that have composting toilets and off-grid hookups such as solar panels and wells. On the other end of the spectrum, tiny houses are becoming a super way to test out the newest smart technology.

How many people can a tiny house accommodate?

With the right configuration, it’s possible to fit more people in a small space than you might expect. A tiny house can generally sleep from one to six people with loft beds, convertible couches, and hidden pull-outs. Be aware that where tiny house rentals are concerned, often this means more than one person to a mattress.
Similarly, the dining areas in a lot of tiny house rentals are outfitted with tables that fold out, pull out or expand to make room for extra guests. Coupled with ottomans that transform into chairs, there’s a way to seat six to eight comfortably for a small dinner party.

Are the tiny house rentals you’re considering part of a community?

One of the unique aspects of a tiny house lifestyle is the way it builds community. The tiny house movement is in full swing with members from all walks of life bonding over sustainable living. Tiny house rentals are no different in that respect. You can choose to go off the grid and have tons of privacy, or you can pick a location based on its community. There are plenty of options to be part of something bigger if that’s what makes you happy.

Will you save money with tiny house rentals?

Renting a tiny house on a monthly basis isn’t any less expensive than renting a studio apartment, and in many cases, the monthly rent is more costly simply because of the novelty. But what happens when that freshness wears off? If you’re renting, you can move once the lease is up. Truthfully, one of the concepts of the tiny house movement is owning the home, so you can save money and potentially live off the grid. Tiny house rentals by the month don’t make a lot of sense, as far as saving money goes and the lease negates may of the reasons for choosing a tiny house.
The thing is, you do need to know if living small will work for you before you buy. But there’s no need to commit for longer than a week or two. Even a couple of days might help you make up your mind. If you end up deciding to pass as a tiny house homeowner, you might still find a favorite new vacation spot.

Vacation in One of These Tiny House Rentals

A tiny house vacation is a perfect way to relax. On the other hand, if you want to socialize in a community setting, a tiny house resort is also an option. Choosing tiny house rentals as a vacation affords you an opportunity to live the lifestyle without the lease.

Experience off-grid zen with Getaway

Getaway’s tiny house rentals are cozy cabins nestled in the woods, with outposts located a couple of hours outside of Boston, Washington DC, and New York. And, their Los Angeles outpost is in the works. The idea is to provide a place to escape from city life without having to take a full-on two-week vacation. To this end, the tiny cabins are situated close enough to the city to make a two-day stay totally doable.

Special features

Be prepared, this place is rustic which means no internet, ever. It also is worth noting that you may not get cell phone reception. Don’t worry though; there is a landline to call staff or in case of emergency. Remember, the whole idea here is to unplug and experience free time without technology. There is an AM/FM radio if you crave noise.
Getaway’s accommodations include queen size beds with linens, pillows, and blankets for two to four people — two people per bed. There are windows at the end of each sleeper, so you feel close to nature. There’s also an outdoor firepit and chairs, with cabins scattered throughout the properties, much like a campground.
The kitchen includes a mini refrigerator and stove, with everything you need to prepare a meal. Getaway supplies salt and pepper, olive oil for cooking, and pots, pans, dishes, and utensils. You’ll find extras like firewood, snacks, and other non-perishable food items for an additional cost billed at the end of your stay. In the bathroom, there’s a toilet, shower, towels, and washcloths. They also stock body wash, shampoo, and conditioner.
Pets are welcomed guests too, so bring your best friend.

Cost per night

A Getaway cabin will run you between $100 to $200 a night typically, or you can get a deal with the Pack Offerings. Try three nights, Monday through Friday with the weeknight pack, or any three consecutive nights with the three-night pack. You also have the option to purchase a four- or six-night pack, which you can use all at once or getaway a day or two at a time.


City folks who need to unplug will find an easy means to do so with the help of Getaway’s online booking. First, you pick your outpost. Next, determine the size of your cabin. They’re all tiny, ranging from 140 to 200 square feet; however, some are set up to sleep two people and some sleep four.
Once you pick the dates of your stay, you’ll receive a confirmation with the cabin’s name and a keycode, sent to both your text and email.

Beach bum bungalows from Tiny House Siesta

Tiny House Siesta, located in Siesta Key Beach, Sarasota, Florida is home of the tiny beach rentals that offer a perfect place to be a beach bum. Here you’ll find cool, quartz filled white sands, and sunsets brought to you by the Gulf of Mexico.

Special features

Unlike the previously featured tiny houses offered by Getaway, these tiny house rentals come equipped with free wifi. Tiny House Siesta is not a technologically free zone; however, there are plenty of ways to relax.
Each of the six tiny houses has its own personality, with brightly colored exteriors. The Flamingo boasts one bedroom and a bathroom, with accommodations for up to three people. You can access the loft bedroom via a staircase, not a ladder, which is helpful for some of us. The kitchen includes a double burner stove top and a large refrigerator. They’ve stocked the tiny kitchen with all the cooking essentials, and there are awning windows that open up to catch the ocean breeze.
In the bathroom, you’ll find a flushing toilet and a shower. There’s also a futon couch and flat screen TV in the living room. And, you’re just shy of a mile away from the number one beach in America: Siesta Key Beach.
The properties are pet- and senior-friendly.

Cost per night

Prices range from $100 to $300 per night depending on the season.


You can book online to determine what dates are available and how much it will cost. Be careful when you’re booking because they do also have three tiny houses available in Colorado, and those run a little less expensive than these beach bungalows. They will also provide a completely different experience.

Wee Casa: the hobbit house

Wee Casa is the self-proclaimed world’s largest tiny house resort, located in Lyons Colorado. This lovely tiny house community offers an opportunity to explore the Rocky Mountain National Park and enjoy tons of outdoor activities including hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and fly fishing.

Special features

The Hobbit house is a mere 170 square feet, and it does look like a real-life hobbit habitat with a circular front door and shingled wood exterior. Inside is warm and inviting with natural accents throughout.
Up to four people can sleep here, two on a queen size bed in the loft and two on the sleeper sofa.

Cost per night

The cost for this magical little vacation rental starts at roughly $200 per night. Rates vary by season.


As with the other tiny house rentals on our list, Wee Casa offers online booking. This little community is a pet-free zone, so make sure you make arrangements for your furry pal if you’re planning a vacation to the Wee Casa resort.

House of glass

If you’re searching for privacy with a spectacular view, look no further. This tiny house situated in the Hudson Valley is only 90 minutes from New York City. The glass house offers a magical getaway, with 30 acres of vineyards, orchards, and wildlife.

Special features

You’ll have 360 degrees of breathtaking views plus unobstructed star gazing at night because this tiny house is pretty much all windows. It comes equipped for two with a memory foam mattress, dining table, and two chairs. There’s a stainless steel mini refrigerator, a cooktop, microwave, and electric kettle. Wifi is available too!
Don’t let the internet connection fool you. For the most part, this tiny house rental is off the grid. Solar panels provide the power, with an HVAC heating and cooling system, and dry flush toilet. Outside you’ll find a fire pit, as well as dining and lounging furniture.
There’s a keyless entry system. Sorry, no dogs allowed.

Cost per night

It’s not a steal, as the price fluctuates around $240 per night, but we think it’s money well spent should you decide to take the plunge. Forbes calls it “The World’s Most Beautiful Tiny House” and The Today Show deems it an “off-grid oasis,” according to their listing.


You can book this gorgeous tiny house on Airbnb. Make sure to plan ahead, because this one books out months in advance.

Mio: a high-tech wonder

You’ll find the tiny Mio smart house in Sherwood Oregon, aptly referred to as the “high-tech house on the prairie.” Rob, the owner, is rated as a super host on Airbnb, so we trust him. And the guests have nothing but raves for this sweet little set-up, saying it a great location, clean, and a good value.

Special features

This tiny house offers all the comforts of home plus an ergonomic workstation. It has a kitchen window that opens up to become an awning over the outdoor deck, where there’s a fire pit. If that’s not enough, everything in this smart home is voice-controlled through Alexa. Of course, there’s WiFi.

Cost per night

At a fluctuating rate right around $95, we say, this little spot is an ideal way to experience tiny home living with all the convenience of smart technology.


You can book the tiny smart house on the prairie on Airbnb. As always with popular vacation spots, make sure to plan ahead.

Is a Tiny House Rental in Your Future?

These days you can find everything you’re looking for in tiny house rentals. From a tiny rustic cabin to a full-on smart house, a good tiny house design considers your personal needs. If you’re thinking about becoming a tiny house homeowner, why not try it out first to see if you’re a good fit. If it turns out that you need more space, no regrets. Instead of living in a tiny house, you have a few big ideas for small vacations.

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