Tiny House Storage Ideas: Fun And Creative Ways To Maximize Space

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One of the hardest parts of moving into a tiny house is downsizing. It’s a true challenge to go from a traditional dwelling full of stuff to a home on wheels. Many see tiny homes and think “where on earth do they put everything?” But the truth is that unexpected spaces are where the storage magic happens. These fun (and creative) tiny house storage ideas will show you that even the smallest of spaces can be functional, and that it isn’t about how much you have: it’s about how to bring along only the items that serve a purpose and bring you happiness.

Tiny home owners are constantly sharing their creative tiny house storage ideas, and we have gone through dozens of the best options to bring you this guide to living tiny yet tidy. We break down storage option in five different areas of the home, including one hot tip for each spot. No matter what type of tiny space you call home, you’re sure to find a few tiny house storage ideas here to help you live a more organized and clutter-free tiny lifestyle!

What Is The Best Way To Maximize Space In A Tiny Home?

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Before You Begin, De-Clutter

 While it can be tempting to rush into organizing all the items you already have in your home, the key to successful organization is taking the time to de-clutter first. This means going through everything you own and sometimes making tough decisions about what stays or goes.

Know What You Need (And What You Don’t)

 This may sound simple, but we all have things in our homes that we don’t need: we just might not realize it. Kitchens tend to be the biggest culprits when it comes to items that aren’t necessary. For example, think about all the little miscellaneous gadgets you have in your kitchen drawers and how often you really use them. The de-cluttering process is about figuring out which items serve a purpose in your life and which can be donated, thrown away, re-purposed, sold, or given away to friends and family.

Once these items are out, resist the urge to go shopping and fill your home back up! This can be hard, but by using a one-in-one-out policy or avoiding the aisles at the store filled with your favorite decorative treasures, you can keep the clutter to a minimum. It’s a process, and one that takes some practice for many people.

Use Every Inch

The other important concept for making the most of your tiny house storage ideas is using every available inch of your tiny home. That means tucking cabinets and shelving into corners, under furniture, and even behind mirrors. It also means going all the way up to the ceiling and using walls as more than just a display space.

Where Can You Purchase Organization And Storage Items?

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Pre-Made Storage Options

 From closets to pantries, there are plenty of options available from retailers like IKEA and Amazon. The main thing to remember when purchasing pre-made items for your tiny house storage ideas is making sure they will fit properly in your home. Measure carefully and use products that fit seamlessly into your design plan so that they don’t look out of place.

Custom Storage

 A more common option for tiny houses is custom-made storage. A great example (and one of the most popular tiny house storage ideas) is staircase storage, with either open shelves or drawers built right into the steps. When designing your own tiny home, there are plenty of opportunities to create custom built-in storage.

Your Guide To Tiny House Storage Ideas, Tips, & Tricks

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Focus on these five key areas of your tiny house to maximize your storage power and keep your home neat and tidy!

Keeping Things Organized In The Kitchen

Kitchens can be a tricky place to organize, but that means there is just as much opportunity for creative storage solutions. Tiny house owners have come up with dozens of cool and surprising ways to maximize their usable space in the kitchen, including spice racks that slide into the few inches between a sink and a dishwasher and slide-out cabinets so that all of the items in them can be easily seen- even those back corners that would otherwise go unused.

Open shelving is another popular option, and it offers a hidden storage benefit. Clever tiny home owners have put the underside of these shelves to work, installing hooks from which to hang mugs or mounting mason jar lids for spice storage. Another “open” option is installing a long rod over the stovetop to hang pots, pans, and other kitchen utensils.

While storage systems in the kitchen are an important piece of every tiny house design plan, it is just as important to remember finish the de-cluttering process first. You can have the best organizational system in the world, but it still won’t work if you’re trying to pack in more than you actually need.

Fun and Creative Kitchen Idea

Tiny houses work best when items serve more than one purpose, so create a kitchen table that works twice as hard as a traditional model. Tables that fold upward onto the wall stay out of the way during busier times in the house, and you can mount a spice rack on the side that faces out when the table is folded up.

Making The Most Of The Living Room

 The living room is another area that has endless opportunities for creative storage solutions. One of the most common is storage beneath a couch. Many couches that are specifically built for tiny houses have seats that lift up to make room for items like pillows, extra blankets, board games, and children’s toys. The cushions are easy to lift, allowing for quick access to the items kept there.

Since living rooms are where most of your tiny living will take place, everything will work a lot better if it has two purposes. Think modular furniture that can change from a couch into a guest bed, desks that can be rotated or folded out of the way when not in use, and walls that double as storage space for instruments or sporting gear. That artwork on the bottom of your snowboard is work showing off!

Fun And Creative Living Room Idea

One smart way to reduce the amount of floor space used in your main living area is to move lights from the floor and counters to the ceiling and/or walls. One way to incorporate stylish yet functional lighting it to use a wall mount for a simple vintage-style bulb on a cord. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, is easy to install, and looks great.

Clothing Storage

 Clothing can be a truly tricky aspect of living tiny- most of us have more clothing than would fit into a traditional tiny house. This area is usually a good place to start when de-cluttering before moving into a smaller space, and it’s important to really look at which items you actually wear and which ones you don’t. We all have those “I’ll wear it someday” pieces.

Whatever size wardrobe you might have, there are plenty of storage tricks you can use to make space for all your favorite outfits. Some tiny home owners build in-floor storage in their sleeping loft, while others use baskets and boxes to keep smaller items organized.

Fun And Creative Closet Idea

When it comes to tiny house storage ideas closets are often at the top of many peoples’ lists. While full-size closets may be wishful thinking in the world of tiny homes, that doesn’t mean you can’t create something that at least comes close. For tiny home owners with staircases, the space beneath the stairs is a great place to add a closet. Usually, that space is tall enough to hang long dresses and coats, and you can always add cube storage, drawers, or a shoe rack in the bottom for other clothing items.

Maximizing A Tiny Bathroom

 Designing a bathroom in a tiny house can be a challenging affair- there are some that are comfortable and beautiful, like bathrooms in full-size houses. Others, however, fell more like they were teleported in from an RV. While it can be difficult to manage tiny bathroom spaces, there are a few tips and tricks that you can use to maximize your space and create an organized, relaxing environment.

These include things like building recessed shelving into the side of your shower and/or tub (should you be fortunate enough to have a bathtub) and installing mirrors that double as cabinets. A sliding or pocket door also never hurts, saving space that a swinging door would intrude upon. For those with truly tiny bathrooms, there are toilets that are designed with sinks built into the top to save space, and they’re more elegant-looking than they sound.

Fun And Creative Bathroom Idea

If you choose to install a medicine cabinet-style mirror, know that you don’t have to settle for just the shelves it comes with. By mounting small containers for bathroom odds and ends, as well as toothbrush and razor holders, you can use the back side of the mirror as well!

Tiny House Storage Ideas For The Bedroom

 Many tiny house bedrooms are simple, consisting of a bed and not a whole lot else. Considering that most bedrooms in tiny house are in lofts, large furniture usually isn’t an option and storage space is limited. Luckily, that doesn’t mean you can’t still get creative with the space. Some tiny home owners have installed in-floor storage to keep the space open and clear, while others have crafted custom build-ins that frame the bed and include storage space for clothing, books, trinkets, and bedside lighting.

Fun And Creative Bedroom Idea

Everything in a tiny house needs to multi-task, and a bedroom wall should be no different. While some builders leave loft spaces open, one way to get a sense of privacy is to build a partial or full-length dividing wall to block the view of the bed. On one (or both) side of the wall, you can install shelves or cubbies for added storage space. If you only add shelves on the loft side, you always use the side that faces the rest of the living space for displaying artwork or hanging items like instruments or sporting equipment.


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Just because you choose to live in a tiny house doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort, style, and copious amounts of storage space. By using one or a few of our tiny house storage ideas you can de-clutter your space, display your treasures without taking up valuable floor real estate, and keep your life organized. Just remember to prioritize what you bring along for the ride, and de-clutter regularly once have your ideal system in place.

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