Where Can I Buy A Tiny House Right Now – For Those Who Can’t Wait

Where Can I Buy A Tiny House Right Now – For Those Who Can’t Wait

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Tiny house living is flourishing and with good reason. Maybe you are sick of living with so much space, or you want to bring your house with you to travel. Whatever the reason, you may be asking, “where can I buy a tiny house?” The good news is that is now an easy question to answer. In fact, you may already be the answer if you want to build your own. If not, that’s okay too because a lot of companies are happy to build one for

That takes a lot of strain off of you since most companies will even ship their tiny homes to you. These tiny houses are beautiful, and the companies usually craft them to your specifications.

What Are Tiny Houses?

Tiny houses are much like regular homes but minimized. The space requirements rarely go over 400 square feet, which makes it perfect for minimalistic living. With a regular new home being about 2,600 square feet in total, tiny houses are seen as cost-efficient and simplified. The growing tiny house movement has sparked interest in living in these small and quaint homes. They look luxurious and elegant, and it’s brought people out of the woodwork to share the tiny house experience.

The biggest thing about tiny houses is learning to live with less, which some people claim frees them. Thankfully you don’t necessarily have to build a tiny house, but if you’re asking instead, “where can I buy a tiny house,” you’re in luck.

Where can I buy a tiny house?

There are plenty of resources available to those who just want to hand money out for someone else to do the work. Lots of people make a living off of just building tiny homes. These tiny house building companies can build to the specifics of a certain state and can give you advice about your tiny house. Some people try to sell the tiny houses they’re grown out of. The safest bet is to go with a traditional building company.

Overall, though, they’re trying to get you to buy a tiny house, so keep that in mind when you ask your questions. The internet is a wonderful place to get tiny homes. Some, especially tiny homes on wheels, pop up for sale all the time. You just need to find the right tiny house for you and find out where it is. As long as you have some cash, you can always work out the logistics of getting your new home with the current owner.

 Building vs. Buying

The simple truth is that it’s more cost-efficient to build your tiny home. If you’re not worried about money, then you can easily get a tiny house without much hassle. Tiny houses that are pre-built, either by a previous owner or by a company, can be more than $30,000.

Building your tiny house is absolutely the cheaper option, even if you have absolutely no experience building anything at all. Some people think it’s more rewarding, but that may not necessarily be so for you. If you’re still asking yourself, “where can I buy a tiny house,” then you likely have the finances to avoid the time-consuming building. If you do have the funds needed, then buying a tiny house might be much more appealing. You need to weigh your options according to your budget. If you have a big budget, then go ahead and buy. If you don’t have a lot of funds it’s a much better idea to build.

Checking if it’s legal

Each individual tiny house is constructed with different building codes based on a specific area. For example, in New York State, the International Building Code or IBC has been adopted. So a house such as this one would be a viable option since it was built to the specifications of the IBC. This would make building the house, or putting an already purchased tiny house down, legal — especially since New York State recognizes and accepts tiny house dwellings.

Note that this can change between county lines, and different laws will apply depending on where you live, even inside of New York. Each state, and frankly each county, will likely have different laws and regulations. Check in on local ordinances and zoning rules before you buy your tiny house. The county will not give you slack if you buy a tiny house that’s out of regulation, so it’s wise to check with them first. There is normally a lot of pushback when people try to build tiny houses. Buying them may be easier, so long as the laws line up properly. The only question is, what companies are there that you can buy houses from?

Tiny House Building Companies

The tiny house movement is on the rise, and that means there are people willing to make a living off of building these tiny homes. Tiny houses can be a hassle if you don’t have the time to build them, but there are companies that build tiny houses happily. Most of these tiny house builders craft their builds on wheels, which makes it easier to deliver them to you. If you’re asking, “where can I buy a tiny house,” these companies are your answer.

There are dozens of them. There are even tiny house community meetings where you can talk about the rules, regulations and the ins and outs of tiny home living. Some companies are much more well-known than others, and some will do more than others can. That paired with your current space if you want to stay mobile. Your local laws and regulations will determine if you can work together.

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

This company is easily the most well-known for their tiny houses, and with that professional finish, you can see why. They have a wide variety of models and sizes available, and you can even set up payment plans or design your own tiny house with them. Plus, they have set up tiny house hotels at several locations all over the country. This lets you experience a tiny house quickly and easily, without the serious commitment that buying a tiny house would bring. They have 3D tours set up on their site as well, so you can get settled right into the tiny house easily.

If you re still curious about, “where can I buy a tiny house,” the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company surely has an answer for you. They even have an inventory of already made tiny homes ready to be bought. Each listing comes with thorough information on size and bedrooms. You can also see the floor plans, so you know exactly what you’re getting when you sign up for the house. Know that these tiny houses can have big price tags, with all the houses in inventory starting at over $70,000 each.

Hudson River Tiny Homes

This tiny home builder is quick on its feet when they have an order in. They claim to be able to put together a tiny house in six weeks’ time. This is, of course, after the trailer arrives on their lot, which can take up to three weeks. They also have a gallery of photos of the tiny houses that they’ve built but haven’t sold yet. They’re elegant and luxurious looking, and they appear large, even though they’re quite tiny. They even build tiny houses to suit your needs, just in case you have very specific tastes.

The upside to this tiny house builder is that they can even provide third-party inspections and certifications, which you would need to travel with the tiny house. You can even request for the company to build them to specific standards. You can cross reference those standards with those that are applicable in your local area to see if they line up. If they do then you’re in the clear to work with them to build your new tiny house. They even have the connections needed to deliver your tiny house to you.

Tiny House Building Company LLC

If you’re still asking where can I buy a tiny house than this company might just be for you. The Tiny House Building Company has built a plethora of tiny houses with professional quality and elegance to them. You can get a custom quote. Check out the models they have and even make an appointment to talk with them. They have an extensive gallery showing off some of their best tiny houses. These tiny homes are much more elegant than a lot of the unprofessionally built tiny houses.

This little company even has tiny house plans, just in case you want to buy them as well as the tiny house. If you’re having them construct a tiny house for you, you can even see the sizes of trailers they have available. The photographs are quite accurate and show the sizes really well, so you know exactly what you’re getting into.

New Frontier Tiny Homes

This tiny home company has been on a wide variety of media platforms, showing off its stunning homes. Their other tiny houses page makes living in a tiny house more and more desirable the longer you look at the pictures. They build tiny homes with an original and versatile flair. With incredibly clever storage spaces and all the amenities of home, you don’t sacrifice much when you go with this builder. The living spaces themselves seem vast. They even seem to have found room for a small dishwasher in some of their tiny homes.

Well organized, lively, and built with a beautiful and functional design, the Alpha plan alone has features that will blow your mind. Dimmable lights, enough space for a king sized bed along with nightstands, and stainless steam shelves are just a few. Nevermind the full-sized jacuzzi tub and shower — and that’s just in one house. If the other builders didn’t answer the question of where can I buy a tiny house, the New Frontier Tiny Homes Company can.

Modern Tiny Living

This little company is dominating the midwest tiny house field. They make some amazing designs, and they have a plethora of events they go to throughout the year. They’ve also landed some television time, showing off the tiny homes they have. There are several in stock, The Fox being my personal favorite, though just about anything they build is classy and elegant.

They have an option for financing and are happy to work with new customers. They also have a blog where they share news about Modern Tiny Living or MTL and information about tiny house living. These builders are just another of many builders that take pride in working with and answering questions about tiny houses, such as “where can I buy a tiny house?”

So, Where Can I Buy a Tiny Home?

“Where can I buy a tiny home,” you ask. Well, any of the places above would suffice. They know what they’re doing, building these tiny homes for a living. They can also alter their plans based on your needs. Tiny house ownership doesn’t have to take years. Though if you decide to build a tiny home, it will take years. Or you could work toward something easier to obtain instead.

You can simply buy your new home, and though it will likely come on wheels, it’ll be luxurious and small in size. Which will let you focus on minimizing your life. Making it better, instead of trying to focus on building a house. Have you bought yourself or your family a tiny house? Are you selling a tiny home? Pass on your experience in the comments.

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